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Festival Escénico Luum Puksi´ik´al / Sotuta, Yucatán

La Danza de las Sombras


In collaboration with the colective AWEECH, conformed by David Alanis, Louis Ochoa and Nicole Roach based in Mexico City, this activity will take place in Sotuta, Yucatán inside the activities for the festival Luum Puksi'ik'al leaded by Paula Rechtman. 

As a part of the festival program, 'La Danza de las Sombras' will be two week workshop with activities related to: plastic arts, scenography and movement. Ending with a presentation for the comunity of Sotutua, Yucatán happening in 'Casa de la Cultura Maya Nachi Cocom', combining all the elements that were developed during the workshop. 


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la escucha del cuerpo a través del movimiento

Cuerpo Presente


This workshop emerged for a specifical need: the festival "Cuerpo, Movimiento y Patrimonio" by Corporación Cuerpo y Alma, that took place in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia in 2023.

This lab is focused
in the body awareness, and 
encouraging listening and exploration to discover different ways of moving, allowing space for spontaneity and improvisation. The goal is to become aware of unconscious patterns of movement and thought.

This workshop is designed for individuals seeking to deepen their self-awareness through attentive listening. It is equally beneficial for dancers, providing a platform for self-exploration and a multifaceted approach to movement, as well as for athletes, actors, or performing artists aiming to expand their understanding of body awareness and perception.

Fundación Niños de Papel

Bucaramanga, Colombia


Special session for children's group of fundation with movement limitations

Teatro Santander
Bucaramanga, Colombia


Open session for a multilevel group of dancers.

Bucaramanga, Colombia


Hybrid format session in collaboration with The Place London school, aimed at multilevel dancers and artists.

Centro Gerátrico Santa Rosalía
Bucaramanga, Colombia


Special session aimed at a group of older adults.


la relación del cuerpo entre la danza y la arquitectura


Taking place for the first time inside the activities of the festival "Cuerpo, Movimiento y Patrimonio" by Corporación Cuerpo y Alma, that took place in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia in 2023.


In this dialogue, I aim to share insights gathered from my exploration of the interplay between architecture and dance, drawing from professional experience and academic study.

Certainly. Dance and architecture share a profound bond, constantly influencing one another. The act of inhabiting a space triggers a subtle interplay between our bodies and the environment, as our physical presence alters and engages with the environment. Over time, in my experience as a dancer and architect I've discovered invaluable tools that enrich my daily life, transforming the spaces I inhabit. I've found parallels between architectural principles and bodily sensations, offering new perspectives to approach movement. 

My goal is to prompt individual introspection among the audience, creating curiosity about our personal relationships with the spaces we inhabit, whether in our daily lives, on stage, or in any physical practice.


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